199 soldiers were dead in Mt. Hakkodasan

Mt. Hakkodasan
Mt. Hakkodasan is one of the most beautiful mountains in Aomori prefecture. Many tourists come in there because of skiing and hot springs.

However horrible accident happened in this mountain in 1902. 199 soldiers were dead by the accident in the military training in this cold mountain.

Mt. Hakkodasan in winter
Japan was approaching war with Russia. So, the military training took place in cold Mt. Hakkodasan assuming frigid Russia.

It was training in one night and two days. So they didn’t take fear of this mountain seriously. They had a little preparation for this training. And they had only food for one day.

210 soldiers left for Mt. Hakkodasan from their base in the morning of 23th Jan. However mild climate sudden changed to blizzard after starting training.

dead soldiers
Their visibility was very poor owing to blizzard. They couldn’t see where they were. They stayed in this frigid hell for 4 days without rest and food. So, many soldiers freeze to death.

The rescue team was dispatched to Mt. Hakkodasan 4 days after the accident.

They saw bizarre thing at the snowfield. It was a dead soldier standing who kept opening his eyes. He was corporal Goto.

His senior officer had ordered him to go to ask for the rescue. But he couldn’t move for extremely exhaustion and frostbite. Nevertheless he kept standing in unconscious to become a sign for rescue team.

It was only 11 survivors out of 210 soldiers. However survivors had to cut off their hands and foots because of frostbite.

corporal Goto
There is a bronze statue of corporal Goto at Aomori city.

Nowadays Mt. Hakkodasan becomes one of the famous tourist spot in Aomori prefecture.

However the Self-Defense Forces was attacked by volcanic gas while their training in this mountain. And 3 soldiers were dead.

This mountain still has been evil mountain…

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