Abashiri Prison is the most rigid prison in Japan

Abashiri Prison
Do you know Abashiri Prison?
Abashiri is one of the cities in Hokkaido prefecture where is known as drift ice.

drift ice
Abashiri is under minus twenty degrees Celsius in winter. It’s a frigid city.

Abashiri Prison is northernmost tip and the most frigid prison in Japan. This is a frigid hell…

Actually, many prisoners had been killed who couldn’t endure this rigid situation.

Why was Abashiri Prison constructed in this frigid place?

Abashiri Prison was constructed in 1890. Because of Japanese government had planned reclamation and development in Hokkaido to against Russia’s invasion.

And prisoners were difficult to escape from this area because of this place was surrounded by Abashiri Lake and Notoro Lake. It was just an inaccessible land.

That’s why 1300 thugs were send to frigid Abashiri from all over the country. And they were forced to construct the prison for themselves.

They wailed.
‘I don’t want to go there…’

Abashiri used to be a small city where less than 700 people were living in.

However several kinds of store and even red light district were built in this small city for prison guards and their family. So, small city flourished thanks to the prison ironically.

Contrary to flourished city, prisoner’s life was just a frigid hell.

Frost columns formed in their bedclothes in every morning in spite of indoor.

The prisoners who were tied with a ball and chain were forced to work in primeval forest to construct road, frightened brutal bear. And a lot of prisoners were died who couldn’t endure this rigid situation.

Abashiri Prison has been relocated at middle of Mt.Tentozan as prison museum in 1983. And new Abashiri Prison was constructed at the original location.

You should visit at Abashiri Prison museum to feel rigid prison’s atmosphere.

prisoner's meal
You can also eat current prisoner’s meal in the prison museum. They eat fine meal in spite of prisoner. This is Japan.

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