Avocado change into the fatty tuna?

Do you like avocado?
Avocado is known as the most nutrient-rich fruit. It is listed in the Guinness Book.

Especially Japanese women like avocado because of healthy. Avocado’s nutrients are good for their health and beauty. It’s just a little high calorie though.

Japanese people like tuna too. They especially like the fatty tuna. Sushi of fatty tuna is the best. But it’s a little expensive.

So, Japanese people like to eat dipping avocado in wasabi mixed in soy sauce. Because of the taste of avocado changes into like fatty tuna. It’s amazing!

Actually, avocado goes well with wasabi mixed in soy sauce.

If you would buy 200g of fatty tuna at supermarket in Japan, it’s about 2,000yen.

If you would eat one sushi of fatty tuna, it’s about 700yen depend on the sushi restaurant.

On the other hand one avocado is about 150yen. Wasabi is about 130yen. Soy sauce is about 200yen. You can eat Avocado fatty tuna within 500yen.

I recommend you how to eat this. You can taste sumptuous fatty tuna in this low price!

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