Chinese fine ramen will be comming to Japan

chinese ramen
Chinese fine ramen shop will open at Kanda Jinboucho Tokyo on 22 August.

That is traditional Lanzhou ramen with 100years history in China. Lanzhou is a strategic place of Silk Road. That ramen shop name is ‘Marzuru’.

‘Marzuru’ is certified as Chinese venerable brand by Chinese government.

Lanzhou ramen’s soup is boiled thoroughly with beef bones, beef meat and more than 10kinds of spices for a long time.

Fine handmade noodle, beef, radish, hot sesame oil and cilantro leaf are in it.

‘Marzuru’ manager in Tokyo who lived in Beijing when he was university student. And he couldn’t forget the fine taste of Lanzhou ramen after coming back to Japan.

He tried to make Lanzhou ramen trusting his intuition. But he couldn’t. So, he went to Lanzhou to learn how to make Lanzhou ramen.

He ate dozens of shop’s ramen in many days and fined the best taste. It was ‘Marzuru’.

He asked for working at ‘Marzuru’ to learn how to make ramen to manager. But the manager couldn’t allow him.

He didn’t give up. He went many times to Marzuru to ask for working in there. Finally, his sincerity and passion made Marzuru’s manager allow him.

ramen master
He worked hard and mastered how to make Lanzhou ramen.

I love ramen. So, I’m really pleasure to eat his Lanzhou ramen at ‘Marzuru’ in Japan.

You should eat Lanzhou ramen definitely when you come to Japan.

1-3-18 Jinboucho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Open am11:00-pm9:00

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