Do you like natto?

Natto is fermented soy bean that is one of the Japanese traditional foods.

Natto has many kinds of nourishment. Vitamin B, Polyamine, Lecithin, Food fiber and so on.

Particularly Nattokinaze is unique nourishment of them all.

Nattokinaze has effect of dissolving blood clot. So, you can prevent disease such as brain infarct and cardiac infarct.

Natto is one of the super foods for your health.

But I heard non-Japanese people dislike natto’s unique odor and gooey. It’s so bad…

So, I would like to teach you how to eat natto daintily.

It’s curry with natto.

retort curry
Because of Curry’s hot taste and spicy flavor vanish natto’s odor and gooey.

I bought this retort curry for 89yen at supermarket. It’s very reasonable!

boiling curry
Boiling retort curry for 5minutes…

egg on the natto curry
Preparing rice, scrambling natto and raw egg.

curry on the natto
Pile on!

natto curry
This is my favorite natto curry. It’s so delicious!

You should eat this one if you don’t like natto’s odor and gooey.

I’m sure this delicious natto curry must contribute to your health.

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