Do you want to drink ‘Hoppy’?

Hoppy is proxy of beer.
Beer was so expensive for people about 100years ago in Japan. Poor people couldn’t drink beer they want.

So, Mr. Hide Ishiwatari who is founder of Hoppy beverage co. produced ‘Hoppy’ for them.

Hoppy made from malt and hops like beer but non-alcohol. The taste of ‘Hoppy’ is just a little bit sweet, not bitter and high malt flavor.

Hoppy is tasty
Japanese poor people have been drinking spirits mixed with ‘Hoppy’. It’s fake and cheap beer.

‘Hoppy’ have non-purine, a lot of vitamin and essential amino acid. So, ‘Hoppy’ is popular with women too.

Now ‘Hoppy’ is served at reasonable Japanese bar and sell in partial super market in Tokyo.

You can drink this fake beer twice in one ‘Hoppy’. You have to order spirits for rest of ‘Hoppy’ after drinking first fake beer.

‘Hoppy’ and spirits is about 300yen. And reffill spirits is about 200yen.

So, you can drink two fake beers only 500yen. How reasonable it is!  I love to drink ‘Hoppy’!

Seasoned meat on soybean curd
This is ‘nikumiso yakko’.
Seasoned meat on soybean curd. Actually this meat made from soybean. How healthy it is!

spit-roasted pork
They are spit-roasted pork.
They go well with ‘Hoppy’ very much.

Japanese pickle
This is Japanese pickle.
Radish, Chinese cabbage and so on.

I recommend reasonable Japanese bar ‘Beniton’ to you if you would like to drink ‘Hoppy’.

Beniton’s HP

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