How to eat Japanese ramen more daintily

Japanese tantan men
Do you like Japanese ‘ramen’?
I see many people from overseas have come to Japan who eat ramen that much.

Ramen have evolved in unique ways in Japan although it was originally Chinese food.

There are several kinds of soup in Japanese ramen. For example soy sauce soup, Miso soup, pork bone soup and so on.

My Chinese friend said that I prefer Japanese ramen more than Chinese one.

So, I teach you how to eat ramen more daintily.

Japanese ramen shop
I’m coming to ‘RAINBOW’ today.
This is one of my favorite ramen shops in Tokyo.

They serve delicious ‘Tantanmen’ (880yen).

Tantanmen is very hot miso soup. If you eat this one  in summer time, you will be all in sweat. But this is good!

I put sesame into Tantanmen after mushing up them. Sesame’s flavor will enhance taste of Tantanmen.

Japanese ramen
It is very tasty!

rest of ramen soup
Don’t leave the shop soon after finishing Tantanmen.

You should order rice and putting it into rest of the soup. Japanese say this ‘zousui’. This is the best how to eat ramen.

rice put in the ramen soup
You should emulate this when you come to Japan although you might be fat.

Tokyo ramen REINBOW

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