I love low malt beer

I love low molt beer
I drink low molt beer almost every day. It’s because of low molt beer goes well with every Japanese food and price is lower than beer. I love it!

low molt beer and japanese food
Japanese law admit that beer is made from malt, hop, water and other ingredients as rice, cornstarch and so on. But malt have to be used over 50% in all ingredients.

On the other hand low malt beer is admitted to be made by only other ingredients except for malt.

So, actually low malt beer’s taste is lower than beer but price is reasonable.

One caned 350ml beer is about 220yen at super market. On the other hand caned low malt beer is only 100yen!

Why is low malt beer so reasonable?

It’s because of low malt beer’s alcohol tax is lower than beer.

The tax on caned 350ml Beer is 77yen, on the other hand low molt beer is only 28yen.

my favorite low molt beer
This is my favorite low malt beer. This product name is “Mugi & Hop”. That means wheat & hops.

Japanese Beverage Company’s production technic is increasing every year. So, they could produce tastier low malt beer. It’s almost same beer.

I think you should taste low malt beer when you come to Japan.

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