Ichiryo gusoku is lower class Samurai of Tosa who have big loyalty

Ichiryo gusoku
There were lower class samurai in Tosa where is currently Kochi prefecture.

They were usually farmers but they transformed themselves into Samurai when war happened. They were called ‘Ichiryo gusoku’. They also have strong loyalty to their lord who was Chosokabe clan.

Ichiryo gusoku was lower class Samurai but they were very brave warrior as main force units of Chosokabe clan.

Chosokabe clan predominated Tosa. However Chosokabe’s domain was confiscated by Ieyasu Tokugawa after losing in the Battle of Sekigahara.

Ieyasu Tokugawa ordered Kazutoyo Yamauchi to rule Tosa instead of Chosokabe. And also Kazutoyo Yamauchi tried to take over Urado Castle that was Chosokabe’s Castle.

Ichiryo gusoku asked Kazutoyo Yamauchi for not taking over at least Urado Castle for their lord. But Kazutoyo Yamauchi didn’t accept their petition.

lower Samurai
So, Ichiryo gusoku resisted Kazutoyo Yamauchi but all of 273 Ichiryo gusoku were captured and beheaded.

Their heads were sent to Osaka after being exposed at Urado city. And only their bodies were buried at Tosa. It was an intolerable humiliation for Samurai.

However people say that Ichiryo gusoku were fabulous vassal of their lord who tried to do their best honestly to the end.

Ishimaru shrine
Nowadays, six Jizo and a stone monument were built in Ishimaru shrine for comforting the Ichiryo gusoku’s Spirits in Kochi city.

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