Japanese cheap snack ‘UMAI BOU’

Japanese cheap snack
‘UMAI BOU’ is one of the cheapest and the most popular snacks in Japan.

‘UMAI BOU’ means tasty stick.
‘UMAI BOU’ have been loved by all Japanese from children to adults for 38 years.

One ‘UMAI BOU’ is 10yen including tax. They are friend of poor Japanese people.

‘UMAI BOU’ have many flavors. Cheese, Chicken curry, Pizza, Corn potage soup, Chocolate and so on.

umai bou go well with beer
I have been loving ‘UMAI BOU’ .
I used to eat ‘UMAI BOU’ as snuck when I was child. And now I eat them with beer. They really go well with beer. I’m so happy!

My recommendation is especially Cheese and Takoyaki flavor. Takoyaki is Octopus ball that is traditional food in Osaka. Takoyaki’s salty-sweet sauce flavor is so good. You can’t stop eating them.

Japanese snack umai bou
‘UMAI BOU’ is one stick like cylinder. So, you could spill crumbs on your room if you eat it directly.

So, I would like to teach you how to eat ‘UMAI BOU’ without spilling crumbs.

press umai bou
You have to press ‘UMAI BOU’ lightly with your hand before opening package.

4 uma ibou
And ‘UMAI BOU’ is divided in 4 sticks neatly. You can eat them easily and divide them up to your friends.

You should buy ‘UMAI BOU’ to drink beer if you want to save your money when you travel in Japan. ‘UMAI BOU’ sell in everywhere convenience store and super market.

Also your family and friends must rejoice in getting ‘UMAI BOU’ as souvenir.

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