Japanese interesting selfie grandma

japanese grandma
I would like you to know Japanese interesting grandma. Her name is Kimiko Nishimoto 89 years old this year.

She is famous photographer in Japan although she started studying how to use camera and computer to enjoy them in a hobby when she was 72years old.

Why did she become famous photographer? You could see it looking her photograph.

japanese interesthing woman
japanese masochistic photo
Her selfie is most interesting one I’ve ever looked. I like her masochistic photo better than Cara Delevingne or Georgia May Jagger’s Instagram.

interesting grandma
I think this is the best one because her expression is very cute.

japanese interesthing grandma
Actually this car doesn’t run. She just lied down in front of parked car. And she did graphics editing as if car was running.

I would like to enjoy my life like her.

If you would like to look her masochistic selfies more, click to this.

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