Kajiwara village is called oriental Pompeii

Mt. Asama
Pompeii is ancient city in Italy where was vanished by volcanic eruption. There is a village like Pompeii at Gunma prefecture in Japan.

It’s the Kajiwara village.

Japan has 110 active volcanos.
Mt.Asama where is the Gunma-Nagano boundary is one of the very dangerous volcano most of all.

Actually, Mt.Asama hit Kajiwara village on great eruption in 1783.

A lot of debris flood engulfed Kajiwara village. And over 1500 people were killed, 477 people of them in Kajiwara village by the eruption.

That’s why Kajiwara village is called oriental Pompeii.

Kajiwara temple
This is the Kajiwara temple.
This stairs are 15steps. But actually 35steps are in the ground. That’s why six meters of earth and stones covered on the Kajiwara village.

Kajiwara temple's bridge
steps in ground
People in Kajiwara village tried to run away from debris flood to Kajiwara temple where was at high ground.

If people could run up over 35steps, they were alive. But under 35steps, they were dead.

excavation survey
Two women dead body were discovered on the second steps and its behind in the ground by excavation surveys in 1979. So, there would be a lot of dead bodies if they conduct excavation more in this area.

Nowadays formerly Kajiwara village is called Tsumagoi village where is a prominent resort in Japan.

There are many nice hotels, Japanese restaurants and facilities for recreation in Tsumagoi village. You can enjoy golfing, skiing, snowboarding and so on. Also there are beautiful natures and mild and healthy climate in there.

However a lot of dead bodies would be buried right under your foot…

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