‘KUBURABARI’ Yonaguni island’s horrible folklore

Yonaguni island
Yonaguni island is the most western edge of Japan. This island belongs to Okinawa prefecture.

Yonaguni have very beautiful nature and pastoral atmosphere where is one of the popular resort island in Japan.

However Yonaguni have horrible folklore of ‘KUBURABARI’.

Okinawa was governed by the Shimazu clan when Okinawa used to be called ‘Ryukyu Kingdom’ in 16 century.

Simazu collected big render from Ryukyu kingdom including Yonaguni iland.

It was rice and hemp fabric that was 80% of amount of product.

People in Yonaguni were distressed by this big render.

They had been working from dusk to dawn but food was shortage because of overpopulation.

So, people in Yonaguni held a certain horrible ceremony.

It was jumping across the ‘KUBURABARI’.

‘KUBURABARI’ is a big cleft in a rock that is three meters wide and seven meters depth.

It was difficult to jump across this big cleft for men because of fear.

However pregnant women had been collected and conducted this ceremony of fear once a year.

The purpose of this ceremony was that they have strong descendants.

This was why pregnant woman who could jump across the ‘KUBURABARI’ would have strong child. Strong descendants would work well for people and country.

However the true purpose was population control.

Almost pregnant women dead to fall to the‘KUBURABARI’ who couldn’t jump across it to freeze in fear.

Also another women aborted if they could jump across ‘KUBURABARI’. Because of a shock of landing. Other side of ‘KUBURABARI’ is two meters lower.

Yonaguni is beautiful
‘KUBURABARI’ had eaten many pregnant women and babies by doing so.

You could feel oppressive atmosphere around ‘KUBURABARI’.

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