Kurobe Dam is the largest dam in Japan

Kurobe Dam
Kurobe Dam is the biggest and the most beautiful dam at Toyama prefecture in Japan.

This dam is 186 meters height and gives off 15 tons water every second. It’s a fabulous spectacle. This superb dam is one of the popular tourist spots in Toyama prefecture.

emit water
You can see this water arch in summer time for sightseeing.

Kurobe Dam was constructed to improve a serious power shortage after World WarⅡ in Japan. It was known that Kurobe River’s rich water is suited to set a hydroelectric dam.

Kurobe Lake
However it was so dangerous to construct a huge dam like this deep in the mountains.

Actually, over 10 million people were occupied this construction and 171 people died for 7 years. Kurobe Dam completed on Jun. 1963.

memorial to the victims
This is a memorial to the victims of an accident in construction.

However I would like you to see one of the world’s largest dams. You can enjoy trekking in beautiful natures too.

Dam Curry
Also you can enjoy ‘Dam Curry’.

There are many restaurants around Kurobe Dam. And they each have ‘Dam Curry’ in their menu. Dam Curry is curry resembling Kurobe Dam.

This curry is a specialty of this area. You should try it if you would come to Kurobe Dam.

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