Large ship sank with 1300 passengers on board in Japan

The marine accident of Titanic is most famous one in the world. Do you know that the second biggest one had happened in Japan?

This is a biggest marine accident in Japan in the year 1954.

This ship was liner between Hokkaido and Aomori prefecture that name was Touyamaru.

The big typhoon came across the Japanese Island in 26 Des. 1954. This typhoon went up to north that marvelous speed was over 100 km/h.

Hokkaido district was caught in a storm. So, Touyamaru couldn’t leave Hakodate port for over four hours with over 1300 passengers on board.

About 50 passengers left the ship because they couldn’t unbearable this situation. However they could know that they saved their life later.

Touyamaru leaved finally because the rainstorm was a little bit calms down on 6:30 pm.

But the rainstorm became strong again soon after leaving. Touyamaru couldn’t go only 5km from Hakodate port after all.

Touyamaru gave up going to Aomori. But they couldn’t back to Hakodate port. It was very dangerous. So, Touyamaru was at anchor there waiting for the rainstorm to get weaken.

However Touyamaru was stranded on the bottom of the sea with a big impact when Touyamaru drifted a little. Because of the big storm surge gathered a large amount of sand under the ship.

The ship filled soon and lights went out. Passengers in the ship got into panic asking for a life jacket. All everyone prayed to Buddha to save their life. But the ship heeled largely because big weaves. And the big ship of 4000 tons was overturned head over heels at last.

Over 1100 passengers were killed by this big accident after all.

There were a lot of dead bodies casted ashore next day. Most of all dead body’s eye was opened wide by the waves. And there were a lot of eyewitness accounts of mysterious soaked lady after the accident.

That might be ghost of these passengers.

A memorial to the victims of this accident was erected at Nanae beach. And people in Hokkaido hold a memorial service on 26 Dec. even now.

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