Let’s find coins at under vender machine

vender machine
As one of the feature of Japan, there are a lot of vender machines.

It’s not only drinks but also cigarette, food like snuck and even porno magazine.

There are about 2.5millions vender machines at the bare mention of drinks in Japan.

I used to find coins at under vender machine when I was child. Sometimes there are coins dropped from purse when someone took coins to buy drink.

So, I thought how many coins I can get searching under vender machines in all day.

let's find coins at under vender machines
I started this survey 9am-5pm. It was hot day. Because it’s summer time of 32Celsius in Japan.

I couldn’t easily find coins even as I searched over 300vender machines.

But I finally find 100yen coin when I thought giving up this survey. And I got 50yen coin at the next vender machine in a row.

I could buy cold drink by these coins. I felt so happy although I got just only 150yen searching under vender machines in all day.

But I think about it carefully, there are about 2.5millions vender machines in Japan. So, if I would search all vender machines in Japan…


there are coins at under vender machine
I will be able to get this big money US$11,000.

I recommend you look for coins at under vender machine if you lost your wallet during your travels in Japan. I’m sure you will be able to enjoy your travels and get back to your country.

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