MOS BURGER is my recommendation of Japanese hamburger shop

Japanese hamburger
There are many hamburger shops in Japan. The most famous one is McDonalds and second one is Lotteria.

But they are foreign company. All everyone knows well that McDonalds is American and Lotteria is Korean.

I don’t like their meals because of bad tasting. Also they use oil containing trans-fatty acid as they cook French fries.

Trans-fatty acid is bad for your body because of causing arteriosclerosis. And they use a lot of bad food additives for their meals too. For example it’s preservative, stabilizer, coloring and so on.

The meals of McDonald’s are well known as keeping good for several years thanks to food additives.

So, I would like to introduce recommended hamburger shop. They are serving tasty and healthy meals.

MOS BURGER is one of the most popular hamburger shops for Japanese. The price is higher than McDonalds though. For example McDonald’s hamburger is 100yen. In contrast to MOS is 220yen.

However their all meals are very tasty and they don’t use oil containing trans-fatty acid as they cook French fries.

My recommended menu is Soy Mosburger 370yen.

Soy Mosburger’s patty made from soy beans and buns are whole wheat bread. This is very good for your health. And you can choose avocado sauce or aurora sauce.

However Soy Mosburger is just a little bit hard to eat because of rich contents. But these specialty sauces are very tasty.

MOS BURGER has over 1,300 shops in Japan and over 340 shops are overseas mainly Asian countries.

If you would like to eat hamburger in Japan, you should go to MOS BURGER.

MOS BURGER’s website

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