My favorite Okinawan food is Goya tyampuru

goya is bitter gourd
I love ‘Goya tyampuru’ that is one of the traditional Okinawan foods.
Because of tasty, healthy and it goes well with beer!

I also recommend you ‘Goya tyampuru’ if you would like to lose your wait.
There are less carb but a lot of protein and fiber.

What is Goya tyampuru?
‘Goya’ means bitter gourd. ‘Tyampuru’ means scramble that is Okinawan dialect.

I cook ‘Goya tyampuru’ often in summer time. It’s easy to cook.
So, I would like to teach you how to cook ‘Goya tyampuru’.

These are Goya tyampuru’s ingredients.

One bitter gourd, two eggs, pork meat 200g, soybean curd and Goya tyampuru’s sauce.

Goya tyampuru’s sauce is in soy-based sauce, bonito soup stock, mirin and so on.

You could buy them in about 600yen at the super market. It’s very reasonable!

bitter gourd
1. Cut the bitter gourd in halves after cutting both ends.

bitter gourd
2.Remove seeds from bitter gourd.

cut bitter gourd
3.Cut the bitter gourd in 2mm.

cut soybean card
4.Cut the soybean card into bite-size chunks.

fry pork meat
5.Pour the oil in the pan and stir fry pork meat on high heat.

stir fry pork meat and bitter gourd
6.Add the bitter gourd and stir fry them remaining just a little bit hardness.

add goya tyampru's sauce
7.Add the soybean card and Goya tyampuru’s sauce.

add eggs
8.Lastly, add the stirred eggs and stir fry until eggs become just a little bit hardness.

goya tyampru
It’s very easy. Just cut and stir fry. You’ll be able to enjoy drinkng beer with Goya tyampuru.

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