OSOREZAN is gate of another world

Japanese sacred mountain Osorezan
Do you know ‘OSOREZAN’?
Osorezan is one of the famous sacred mountain at Aomori prefecture in Japan.

Osorezan means ‘Horrible Mountain’ but this is an alias. Osorezan is collective term of 8mountains called Rengehachiyou centered around Usuri Lake.

People in there believe that Osorezan is the end up place of the deceased’s spirit. So, Osorezan called ‘Gate of another world’.

You can go to there for 40minutes getting on bus from JR SIMOKITA station.

However you will be admitted enter Osorezan from May 1th to Oct. 30th. It’s because of there is much snow in winter season.

The Scene of Osorezan is very eerie. A craggy place has spread. There is no plants because of volcanic gas is gushing there. You can feel sulfur smell.

You could see many guide signboards written as the pool of blood hell, the incessant hell and so on around there. You are in hell just now.

Also you could see stone pagodas and toy for windmills to mourn for the deceased baby around there.

People live in around Osorezan who believe to go Osorezan after death. So, it is believed that if survivors won’t set part of deceased’s bone in charnel in Osorezan, deceased cast an evil spell on their survivors.

Osorezan has been awed as sacred mountain for over 1000years by Japanese people.

However Osorezan is known as famous gold mine.
Actually we have known that 400g of golds are in 1000kg of rocks after officer’s surveying.

But no one will try mining the gold because of deceased cast an evil spell on miner. If you would try mining there, you’ll be death.

There are old women in Osorezan who called ‘Itako’. They have mysterious ability. They can summon the deceased spirit from another world and have it talked through their body.

So, there are long lines of survivors in front of Itako’s house in summer season to talk their deceased’s spirit.

You might want to talk with deceased of your family. But Itako can speak Japanese language only.

If you take pictures around Osorezan for a sightseeing feeling, you might come across mysterious and horrible event.

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