‘Oyama kaizuka’ is the most dangerous haunted place in Okinawa

Okinawa is one of the most famous resorts in Japan. However there is the most dangerous haunted place in there.

Oyama kaizuka
It’s ‘Oyama kaizuka’.
Kaizuka means shell mound. However there is a sacred site and cave in there.

The sacred site and cave are a training place for psychic called ‘Yuta’. Yuta have strong psychic power. They can summon deceased spirit from another world and have spirit talk through their body.

People in Okinawa consult with Yuta when they have ceremonial occasions especially.

So, why is ‘Oyama kaizuka’ dangerous place?

Because of psychic energy is gathering in sacred site from another world. And the cave was used as air‐raid shelter in World War II.

Oyama kaizuka's cave
A lot of refuges in cave conducted mass suicide using poison or grenade at the end of the war. Because of people thought that they could be killed by US armies when they were found out.

So, a lot of evil spirits are gathering in ’Oyama kaizuka’.

People in Okinawa say that don’t approach ‘Oyama kaizuka’. You could be cursed!

Actually, many people who approached at ‘Oyama kaizuka’ become ill or lose consciousness. A lot of bizarre things have happened.

If you take photo of ‘Oyama kaizuka’, evil spirits could be photographed in there.

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