‘Oyashirazu’ is a precipitous cliff cutting parental affection

‘Oyashirazu’ is a big cliff spread over a wide area in west edge of Itoigawa city in Nigata prefecture.

‘Oyashirazu’ means that parent can’t worry about child.

Why is this cliff named as ‘Oyashirzu’?

Nowadays national road was constructed along the coast. But people had to wade through this dangerous shore in the old days.

Parent and child would be caught in a wave in a moment’s carelessness. They couldn’t worry about each other. That’s why this cliff was named as ‘Oyashirazu’.

Actually, many parent and child was caught in a wave and die.

raging waves
‘Oyashirazu’ made famous in poem written by Tairano Yorimori’s wife.

Tairano Yorimori was Tairano Kiyomori’s young brother. They were famous Samurai in Heian Period in Japan.

Tairano Yorimori hid in Gohyakkari village after losing a war.

His wife followed him with her child although they had to wade through dangerous shore.

As expected her child was caught in a raging wave and die. She mourned her child’s death and written this sad feeling as poem.

Cruel and heartless natural threats hide in ‘Oyashirazu’.

Nigata's good foods
However there are many good foods and atmosphere in Nigata prefecture. It’s a very good place.

But if you would come to Nigata prefecture, you have to see ‘Oyashirazu’ to know ancient Japanese tragedy.

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