Popular all-you-can-eat Sushi restaurant in Tokyo

Do you like Sushi?
I love sushi very much. But sushi is very expensive.

However there are cheap sushi restaurants around Tokyo.
For example Rotation Sushi restaurant is very reasonable. They can serve one plate for 100yen at the lowest price. But it’s not good taste because no fresh. You can eat what you pay for…

So, I would like to introduce to you very popular all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant in Tokyo.

It’s Midorizushi.
There are eight Midorizushi in Tokyo and they have all-you-can-eat course on only Monday. You can eat fresh and tasty sushi in there. But you might have to wait for two or three hours. Because of this sushi restaurant is very popular with Japanese people.

Midorizushi have their website that is written English. You can find their each restaurant on the map. Click on here.


All-you-can-eat is only Monday for 90minuts.

Man : 3,600yen
Woman : 3,000yen
Child under 12years old : 1,500yen

All-you-can-drink : plus 1200yen for 90minuts.
Price is no including tax.

You can eat over 70 kinds of sushi and 15 kinds of appetizers in this price.

If you would like to know each sushi name, click on here.

The rule
・Only Otoro that is fatty tuna is limited three per person. Because of Otoro is very expensive.

・You can order five kinds of sushi at a time. For example three Otoro, five salmon, ten sea urchin, eight shrimp and six conger. And you can order five kinds sushi next time again.

Waiting for long time in line?
It’s no problem. Because of there is ticketing machine in front of the restaurant. You can reserve your turn at this ticket. So you can kill time somewhere without standing in line for a long time.

anago sushi
I definitely recommend Midorizushi to you eating fresh and tasty sushi if you would come to Tokyo.

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