Real Attack on Titan at Hokkaido prefecture in Japan

attack on titan
Do you know ‘Attack on Titan’?
It’s a Japanese famous Anime to the effect that human beat Titan who devour human.

There was a fear story like this Anime at Hokkaido prefecture 100 years ago. It’s a Real ‘Attack on Titan’.

Tomamaecho is a small town in west coast of Hokkaido prefecture.

There are a lot of windmills for wind power generation. Because of strong wind is blowing into there from sea. So, this town is known as windmill town. There is a mild and healthy atmosphere in there.

However fear case happened in 30 km inland mountainous from Tomamaecho about 100 years ago.

bear's attack

Villagers in there have no water service and electricity and they lived in coarse house of thatched roofs. But they were engaged in agriculture together and lived in peace. That small community where about 20 houses were in.

One day a villager found the big bear eating corn. A villager shot the big bear but he couldn’t kill it. A big bear escaped into forest.

Nothing is fear than injured beast.

Several days later, one villager noticed that the village became quite when he came back to his house from forest. There usually should’ve been children’s lively voice in there.

There was faint bloody scent in house and he found out child who was killed by bear’s attack. And leg and a part of a head of child’s mother were found out in forest.

The big brutal bear came back to village to revenge.

Villagers came together at funeral for Mother and child that night. They had guns because of bear have a habit of taking his prey back.

big bear
The big bear showed up there just as one thought. He destroyed a coarse wall of house and broken into.

He was raging violently. A lamp went out and villagers got into panic. One villager barely took a shot at the big bear. But he missed it.

The big bear escaped in astonishment to a dark night. However the big bear became more brutality.

The big bear showed up at another house 500metars remote from there a few minutes later. There were 10 people in house and the big bear killed 6 people.

One of them was a pregnant woman who was killed with a fetus by tearing her abdomen. A weird sound of crushing human’s bone with bear’s teeth was ringing there.

heikichi yamamoto
600 people and 60 guns were gathered to kill the big bear.

Finally, the big bear was killed by Heikichi Yamamoto who was called legendary hunter. It was 6 days later from first bear’s attack.

The big bear was 2.7 centimeters tall and 340 kilograms weight.

Big bear killed 8 people, injured 2 people and crushed 10 houses only 6 days. This is a worst case of damage by animal in Japan.

You can see cenotaph of this case at Sankei shrine.

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