’Sanya’ where was the place of execution in Tokyo

There are cheap hotels for a day laborers extend over Arakawa and Taito district in Tokyo. That place had been called ‘Sanya’.

However there was Kozukahara execution place in ‘Sanya’ about 150yars ago.
People say that over 200,000sinners were executed in there.

How to execution was so terrifying things. ‘Gokumon’, ‘Harituke’, ’Hiaburi’ and so on.

Gokumon means beheaded after being dragged around town.

Harituke means speared after crucifying sinner.

Hiaburi means burning to death.

And beheaded head was exposed in town as a warning.

A part of dead body came out on the ground because dead body was buried shallowly in the ground after execution.

So, ‘Sanya’ gave out a foul smell and dogs and weasels devoured dead bodies.

kozukahara temple
Currently there is a Kozukahara temple to mourn for dead where had once been execution site.

However people still can see bones digging in the ground just about 1m for railway works and so on.

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