Sennichi Department Store Building fire incident killed 118 people

Sennichi building fire
This is the worst fire incident in Japan that occurred at Minami-ku Oosaka in 1972. This fire killed 118 people and injured another 78.

Minami is one of the liveliest cities in Osaka. There are many restaurants and several kinds of shops. Sennichi Department Store was in there too.

Sennichi Department building was seven stories above ground and a one story basement.

The fire originated in 3rd floor at 10:30pm 13 May. The fire was spreading quickly because there were a lot of flammable clothing products in this floor. And this fire generated poisonous gas.

The firemen couldn’t approach this building easily. All window panes were broken and fumes were emitted from there. It was like a big chimney.

A cabaret on 7th floor and restaurant at above ground only were carrying on business at that time. There were 160 people in cabaret. Hellfire and fumes were approaching from downstairs.

The people who lost a place of refuge leaned out of the window and asked for help screaming. But hook and ladder trucks were in short fundamentally.

They jumped from window because they were driven by fear and impatience. It was 22 maters high. All people who jumped were dead. There were much blood and broken high heels on the ground. It was just hell.

Newspapers the next day reported that the mortality was little over 20. Almost of all them were jumpers. But actually there were a lot of deceased in the building who were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning.

The fire laws were improved by this fire incident. And Sprinklers and Automatic fire alarm had to been installed in the building.

The ruin of Sennichi Department Store Building had been left for 12 years. So, it was rumored that the ghosts of deceased haunt in this ruins. And this ruin had become one of the famous haunted places.

After that another department store was built in 1984 and nowadays electronics retail store has been in this place from 2001.

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