The mystery of remaining SOS in Mt.Taisetuzan

All everyone knows the means of SOS in the Morse signal. SOS means someone ask for help.

The police riding in a helicopter discovered this SOS message at the bog of Mt.Taisetuzan from the air.

The SOS’s single character was from 2 to 3 meters and they formed by white birches. And it has become clear that a long time has passed since SOS was  formed.

Additionally, there were a porch of cassette tapes and recorder and scattered human bones near the SOS that was considered wild animal did.

sos newspaper
This incidence was known widely by picture of SOS reported in a newspaper and voice in the cassette tape. There was a ghastly man’s voice in the cassette tape. He said ‘Help me…I can’t move.’

No one couldn’t see that someone prepared SOS and cassette tapes.

There were considerable conjectures at that time because unidentified dead body reduced to a skeleton.

Mt. taisetuzan
Mt.Taisetuzan is in the middle of Hokkaido prefecture. This mountain is severe cold and very dangerous in wintertime. And there are a lot of vicious bear. So, many mountaineers have been killed in this mountain.

The man who remained SOS and cassette tapes might have been waiting for rescue struggling hard with fear, loneliness and hunger.

The heartbreaking voice in the cassette tape might sound the alarm to many mountaineers.

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