‘Tojinbo’ is famous suicide spot in Japan

Tojinbo is one of the most famous tourist spot at Fukui prefecture in Japan.

The oddly pentagon or hexagon shaped rocks are very rare from a global standpoint. It’s a natural monument in Japan.

Tojinbo is very popular among Japanese and foreign tourists as very beautiful scenery.

It’s very lively around Tojinbo because of there are many restaurants and souvenir shops. But there is tense and still atmosphere at nightfall.

As the matter of fact, Tojinbo is known as the most famous suicide spot too.

Tojinbo see
The fact that Tojinbo named after a Buddhist monk who was pushed into rough sea from the cliff by rival in love.

People say that raging weaves are deep-seated grudge of monk.

It is likely that the deep-seated grudge of monk summon suicides. Actually, there are suicides from 20 to 30 in annual there.

People say that someone who has no interest in suicide is pulled into sea by evil spirits if someone stands at the edge of cliff.

There is an island where almost suicide bodies drift to. It’s ‘Ojime Island’ that is called God Island.

Ojime Island is standapart from Tojinbo in 2km northward where there is a shrine and a lighthouse but desert island.

You can go to Ojima Island crossing over scarlet bridge 224meters long  from Mikuni Port.

Actually, Ojima Island is known as more dangerous haunted place than Tojimbou.

If you cross over the bridge in midnight, you would be pulled into rough sea by evil spirits. And you might see will-o’-the-wisp or ghost at the shrine or the lighthouse.

If you would like to go to Ojima Island, you have to obey the certain rule.

That is clockwise walking.  You have to walk this 2km circumference island in clockwise.

If you would walk there in counterclockwise, you would be cursed and killed by evil spirits

Actually, three men tourists came to Ojima Island at midnight who walked there in counterclockwise were cursed many years ago.

One of them was pulled into rough see and killed. Another one was killed in a traffic accident. Last one has been untraceable…

Would you like to come to this awful tourist spot?

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