Tsuyama massacre became material for Yatsuhaka Mura

This is the most flagitious successive murders in Japan. It was called Tsuyama massacre.

This crime had taken place in the mountain recesses of Tsuyama city in Okayama prefecture in 1938.

This community had 111 people in 23 households. It was very small and peaceful village. However 30 people were killed by one young man in only 1 hour and 30 minutes in midnight.

Mutsuo Toi
His name was Mutsuo Toi. He lived in this village with his grandmother.

What was his motive of the crime?
Actually, he got tuberculosis when he was 20 years old. So, he was exempted from military service.

He was greatly shocked that he couldn’t become a soldier because of it was an honor to become soldier at that time in Japan.

And tuberculosis was infectious and an incurable disease at that time.
His familiar girlfriends and villagers turned away from him because of tuberculosis. So, he determined revenge on them.

tsuyama massacre
He armed himself with a Japanese sword, two knives and a hunting gun that was modified a nine-shooter. And he had 100 bullets in his backpack.

First he killed his grandmother. And cut the electric cables because of getting blackout in village.

He ran in the village fixing 2 flashlights with a towel on his head. And he was hanging another flashlight from his neck. His figure of running in the dark looked like three eyes devil.

He killed helpless villagers who were sleeping. Finally, he killed 30 villagers and injured 2 villagers in 1 hour and 30 minutes. And he committed suicide in forest a few kilometers apart from village after the crime.

It was very rare case that many people were killed in this short time in Japanese crime history.

This crime became material for Japanese famous novel. It’s Yatsuhaka Mura.

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