What is white curry Udon ?

Do you like “Udon” ?
Udon is one of the Japanese traditional noodles which made from wheat flour.

There are several menus in Udon. Basically, soy sauce based soup and egg, seaweed, meat, on the Udon as topping.

curry udon
However most popular menu is “curry Udon” in japan. I think curry taste soup is the best and most Japanese people would think so too.

white curry udon
This time I would like to introduce “white curry Udon”. It is very freak menu. Because it’s completely white even as curry. But it’s very tasty. White curry soup is made from potato, white cream, and several spices.

You can eat this menu at “Syusoba syodai”. 1-1-10 ebisuminami, sibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Opening mon-sat: 17:00-4:00, sun and holiday: 17:00-1:00

You would better eat this white curry Udon definitely when you come to Japan.

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