Would you like to smoke Japanese cigarette?

smoking heaven in japan
Do you like smoking?
Japan is still ‘Smokers Heaven’ although increasing restricts smoking in advanced country.

tabaco vender machines
Because of cigarette’s price is lower than each advanced country. For example ‘Mevius’ is 410yen.
It’s about half price comparing to each advanced country.

And there are cigarette’s vender machines and smoking area many places. You can enjoy smoking every time.

So, I introduce several kinds of Japanese cigarettes to you. If you are smoker, try them when you come to Japan.

mevius japanese Tabaco
‘Mevius’ is one of the most famous and popular cigarette in Japan.
There are series of 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, 12mg Mevius. Each of them 20cigarettes packs 410yen.

It’s easy to smoke as taste and flavor is mild. If you would like to try Japanese cigarette in the first time, I recommend Mevius to you.

echo japanese Tabaco
This is ‘echo’. 20cigarettes pack 250yen
it’s cheapest cigarette in Japan.
But it’s very bad taste. You would rather quit smoking than smoke this one.

caster japanese Tabaco
This is ‘Caster’. 20cigarettes pack 420yen
Caster has just a little vanilla flavor. I used to smoke this one ever. This is easy to smoke.

seven stars japanese Tabaco
This is ‘Seven stars’. 20cigarettes pack 460yen
Japanese called this ‘settar’. Settar is one of the popular cigarette in Japan. This tar is dense but taste and flavor is surprisingly mild.

hi-light japanese Tabaco
This is ‘hi-light’. 20cigarettes pack 420yen
This cigarette’s tar and nicotine is very dense. And taste and flavor is too heavy. So, I recommend hi-light to heavy smoker only.

hope japanese Tabaco
This is ‘hope’ .10cigarettes pack 230yen.
Japanese called this ‘short hope’. It’s because of hope is shorter than other cigarette. It’s not means of your hope is short. As hope’s taste and flavor is heavy, hope is for heavy smoker too.

wakaba japanese Tabaco
This is ‘wakaba’. 20cigarettes pack 260yen
This cigarette is one of the cheapest one in Japan. But this cigarette have very peculiar taste. Old men like to smoke this one. So, if young people smoke this one, they would be got mocked.

you should stop smoking
I introduced several Japanese cigarette to you. But you don’t smoke preferably for your health.

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